Survey Junkie Review

If you are not familiar with survey sites, then let us do a quick overview of what sites like Survey Junkie offer.

Survey sites offer the general public the opportunity to partake in survey panels developed by companies which are looking to gauge customer reaction to existing or new products, or their opinion about topics that can directly or indirectly impact the direction in which a company may head. Survey sites, such as Survey Junkie, work with market research firms to help them reach a wider audience than they otherwise would be able to, and consequently get more useful and accurate data.

That's great for the survey companies, the market research firms, and their customers, but what about the public? What do they get out of it? There is an answer to that too. The public doesn't get left out, they get the opportunity to impact the direction of companies and get paid (not much) along the way.

Now onto the Survey Junkie review.

Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is a survey taking platform which offers members the ability to earn money in return for joining survey panels. Surveys offered by Survey Junkie have a wide variety and there is enough volume for making it worthwhile-meaning that if you put in the time necessary, you'll be able to make some spending money.

The overall experience at Survey Junkie is pretty smooth. The sign-up process is quick; however, for those who are looking to get the most out of the platform, the profile completion is rather lengthy; however, that is why Survey Junkie is able to better match members to survey panels.

Overall, Survey Junkie gets a thumbs up for offering an easy way for consumers to participate in surveys and make a little bit of money on the side.

Let us know what your experience has been with Survey Junkie or other similar services. We'd love to hear your thoughts and comments.